Many homeowners first invest in pest control when discovering evidence of ant or mouse activity. While there is nothing wrong with having treatment performed for an infestation, the best way to avoid hiring an emergency exterminator is to prevent pests ahead of time. Here are some of the best ways to keep your home free from pests throughout the year.

Don’t Keep Plants and Mulch Directly Next to Your Home

If you want to prevent pests at your property, keep plants and mulch away from the foundation. Mulch serves as an attractive home to rodents and other pests looking for a place to stay, so it can lure them inside when you place it right next to your house. If possible, add mulch around trees and shrubs that are 12 inches or further from your foundation and any other entrances of your home. Alternatively, use mulch substitutes.

Check Around Your House for Gaps to Prevent Pests

Another one of the best ways to prevent pests at your home is working with an experienced home inspector. During your home inspection, the inspector may identify gaps and cracks that are entry points for insects and other mice. Inspectors also check carefully around your foundation, doors, windows, and utility lines for potential spots of pest entry. Beyond these things, your inspector will also check for other issues.

Protect Your Trash to Prevent Pests

Trash is a major attraction for wildlife and other pests looking for an easy meal. If your trash is entirely or partially exposed, it attracts rodents, ants, mice, cockroaches, and other undesirable visitors. Use trash cans with locking or fitted lids to prevent pests whenever you place your trash outside. If your garbage can lid comes off easily, place a brick or heavy object on top until you get a new trash can. Ensure that your trash area is free from standing water, leaves, and plant debris.

Keep Your Drains Clean and Free From Debris

Sink drains, floor drains, and other drains around your property accumulate debris, food residue, and organic waste over time. These things contribute to an attractive environment for pests, rodents, and other small insects looking for a place to breed. To prevent pests in your home, clean every drain regularly. If you want to avoid chemical drain cleaners, use vinegar and baking soda.

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