Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more jobs have allowed their employees to work from home. Many people need a functional home office. If you want to transform a tiny area into a perfect workplace, here are a few office ideas for small spaces.

Office Nook in a Closet

Transform an unused walk-in closet or a linen closet into an office space. Remove the doors and place a small, slim desk in the area. Choose a chair you can push underneath to keep it out of the way. Paint the space in an attractive color, add shelving, install good lighting, and decorate with art on the walls.

Office Ideas for Small Spaces: Use Space Under the Stairs

One of the most underused spaces in a home is the area under the stairs. Turn this space into a small office rather than allowing it to become cluttered with random stuff. Install a built-in desk to save space, and add shelves to make good use of the area under your stairs.

Purchase a Corner Desk

A corner desk is another great way to turn smaller spaces into the perfect home office. Choose a corner of the living room, bedroom, or family room to set up your work area. A corner desk takes advantage of a space that may otherwise go unused. Additionally, these desks take up less room than a standard office desk, making them especially useful for a tiny area.

Transform the Attic or Basement

Do you have an attic or basement that is not used or has become a storage space? Turn it into a home office. If you lack space in the main areas of your home, the attic or basement might be a perfect place to create a functional office, as long as it is at least partially finished.

Office Ideas for Small Spaces in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another area that often contains unused space. Do you have a counter you rarely use for food prep, an unused island, or an empty corner in your kitchen? Add a small desk, a printer stand, and a container for office supplies to create an office space.

The kitchen island provides a flat, usable workspace. The drawers and shelves in the island offer convenient storage and a place to stash your supplies after work hours.

Just because you have a small home doesn’t mean you cannot have a suitable place to work. These home office ideas make use of areas that are typically empty or under-used. Look around your house to discover potential spaces, and think creatively about how to transform those areas into a home office.

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